When Analyses are global, why should investing be local!

We know the times are tough, but the global vaccine rollout and different containment measures taken by the Governments across the world bring in strong hopes that we are nearer to the end of this gloomy & deadly phase. That being said, we should definitely not miss out on the silver lining of this deadly pandemic — the digital transformation that has bought the world closer and enabled people to access products & services right from the comfort of their living area couch.

Even the world of investing has expanded beyond…

The boxing legend Muhammad Ali once said “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”

This holds so true, especially in the world of investing and here is why. Most of us may have heard the following statements when it comes to investing in equities:

“Equity investing is only for experts” or “You need large amounts of money to invest in equities” or some going even so far to say “The stock market is a den of thieves do not invest in stocks!”. …

Undoubtedly, the recent technical glitch that occurred at NSE has been an eye-opener for multiple stakeholders in the ecosystem and while it has been spoken about across forums & social media channels, the glitch and resultant markets shut-down has given us an opportunity to introspect, analyze and conduct course-correction as feasible.

While regulatory bodies are conducting their investigation into the technical glitch, the trading halt & then extended trading time in the markets, which could have been informed prior, led to significant losses for traders with intraday positions. …

As the movie Badlapur tells its audience — “Do not miss the beginning”, we also advise that you go through our thoughts/insights shared in the previous article covering the first step of financial planning -

Once you know yourself, which stage of life are you at, where do you want to go, what is your risk appetite etc. it is time to move on to the next step of Financial Planning. This stage forms the foundation of the plan and getting this right is of utmost importance. …

The answer to the question as to what’s the first step in financial planning is best given by the movie — the Matrix (part 1 that is). For those of us who have seen it, you will remember the scene when Neo meets the Oracle for the first time in her kitchen and she points to a sign that reads “Know Thyself”. These 2 simple words are the answer to the question above and if this article can be summarized in three words it would be these — To Know Thyself.

Know Thyself

Before taking any decision in the financial…

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